Window and Wall Coverings

Windows and walls form the all-important shell of the room; creating the stage for your furnishings.

Window coverings do real work, providing privacy, protecting from sun’s rays, and insulating, but the real impact comes from the choice of fabric, color and style.

Let me help you decide if luxe panels, roman shades, or tailored valances compliment your windows.

Looking for the ultimate form of self-expression? Naturally textured or strikingly colored wallpaper adds instant character to your project.

It can be used in any room you please. If you love the look, but are hesitant to commit to large space, I suggest trying it in a powder room, an alcove, or behind bookshelves.

Want to put your personal style on display? I can guide you through wallpaper choices that will be ‘the star’ of your space or simply create a beautiful backdrop.